Looks like Verizon’s way behind the 8ball. Smartphones are constantly changing and updates are crucial for your device running productively. Android is always on top of bugs and glitches and the updates to coincide. The only problem is carrier approval; and Verizon isn’t playing nice. Jump for the story

Tat Wza

Google has yet to attach a carriers name to their anticipated Nexus 4. This may have something to do with Verizon being now 3 updates behind on their VZW branded Nexus device. The updates are available, but VZW has yet to approve these updates and push them to their customers; This is definitely not sitting well with them.

Speaking of carrier approval, this is a brief history of how the update process works. Step 1, Google updates Android and sends a build to Verizon for approval. Step 2, Verizon puts it in their long list of updates to approve for a variety of devices. There is no special treatment, just because it’s a Nexus. Step 3, Verizon’s testing team either approves or denies the update. If approved, they give Google the thumbs-up to make it available to your phone. If it’s denied, it goes back to Google for fixing and we do it all over again. You can see how this process can take a while.