Heather Hodges a Texas woman was arrested on charges of carrying a weapon on restricted premises and transferring a firearm to a minor. Hodges planted the gun in her boyfriend’s son’s back pack and then called school officials to warn them that the boy had brought a gun to school. The boy who wishes to go unnamed was searched and the campus police found an unloaded 9 MM handgun in his back pack, however the boy was cleared of all wrong doing. Hodges bail was posted at $20,000 but I doubt her boyfriend will be bailing her out any time soon. Hit the jump for more.

“Her explanation to me was that she wanted to see my son get into trouble,” said the boy’s father, who asked not to be identified to protect his son.
Hodges was arrested after police traced the tip to a convenience store pay phone.
Security cameras there caught her making the call.
The boy’s father said Hodges, now his ex-flame, had a rocky relationship with his son.
“Their relationship wasn’t great and so he automatically was like, ‘It was Heather that called,’” he told the station.

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