Ryan Leslie lost his laptop a while back in Germany and offered a $1 million reward to anyone who would give it back to him. Yesterday, he was all over the news because a judge and jury said he had to pay back $1 million despite the fact that he never received his music back. I can’t remember if Ryan said that he would give the reward if the music was on the laptop, but it would pretty awful if he didn’t. The poor guy lost all of the music on the laptop and had to spend money to make new music for his forthcoming album. I can’t imagine how upset he was when he received the computer back and nothing was on it. The singer said that he will try and work with the guy in Germany to see what he can do about getting his precious music back. Hopefully the guy doesn’t try to swindle him for more cash and the newspapers will leave him alone since he was called a “cheap rat” by them. Last night while performing, Ryan had an emotional moment while talking about it Ryan also put out another $1 million reward to anyone who can bring him back his music that was lost on the comp. . Watch more below.

Julie A.