Kreayshawan’s tour bus caught fire on Friday night as she was traveling with Chippy Nonstop, Rye Rye, and Honey Cocaine on their Group Hug tour. Kreay and Chippy were riding in the bus that caught fire and Rye Rye and Honey C were traveling behind them. Kreay said that nobody was harmed in the fire and the ladies only lost a few articles of clothing. The “rapper” also said that she cannot imagine what it’s like for people to have their homes catch fire since she had a hard time deal with the bus fire. I’m glad Kreay is ok, maybe now she’ll give the tour and the tour bus an indefinite break? Read more below.

Julie A.

Karen Civil reported that the fire began after a generator exploded on the bus near Bloomington, IL at around 7:15pm. Kreay’s full statement about the fire was: “My heart really goes out to people who have lost their homes to fires after today. Even though it was just the tour bus. I can only imagine.”