Rajon Rondo is growing a reputation as a volatile player with a rising temper and maybe very little self control.  Following the small brawl between the Celtics and the Nets, Rondo was issued his third suspension in nine months.  Of course this is to the displeasure of President of basketball operations Danny Ainge.  Check what he had to say after the jump.

Shay Marie

Ainge said he had a private conversation with Rondo regarding his third suspension in nine months, and he understands that Rondo’s temper and passion won’t change. ‘Rondo and I talked and I think Rondo is not happy with the fact that he’s not there on this team in the next two games,’ Ainge said Friday. ‘I think that’s the most important thing. Rondo’s a very emotional player, he’s a tough competitor. And I think he realizes that it’s more important to play.’

When asked about Rondo’s growing reputation as a volatile player, Ainge said: ‘I think [three suspensions in nine months] is high. I just hope the next nine months is better. Hey, listen, it’s not good. There’s nothing good about it but I love the kid, he’s a competitor, he’s a warrior, and he needs to be in control, and I’m confident he will. If it happens once in the next nine months, then maybe that’s progress instead of three times. I don’t expect that Rondo’s going to play the rest of his career and not go over the line emotionally. I guess I’m OK with that, just going to learn from it.’”

Boston Globe