As a veteran coach and former player Doc Rivers knew what he was doing what he called his team soft.  They responded with a dominating 96-78 win over the Portland Trailblazers.  Of course Kevin Garnett wasn’t keen on the name calling.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

“I don’t know any man who likes to be called soft; maybe some women,” he said after dropping a 10-5-4 in 23 efficient minutes of Friday’s 96-78 blowout of the Blazers. “Where I’m from, not most men like that. I think collectively he’s talking about our style. … I don’t think he’s coming at us as men, but he’s definitely talking about our style as a whole. Collectively, we all have to do that together; the onus falls on each and every last one of us, not just one or two guys. But, yeah, that was disturbing. Who likes to be called soft in anything, if you’re a man?”

Whatever Doc has to do to get his team playing right then he better.  I pegged the Celtics as one of the better teams this season and albeit early they haven’t really shown me much or lived up to their potential.  I’m sure however Doc will get them right.