Poor Terrell Owens just cant get a break. He just took a big loss on his condo that he had to sell for way lower than what he initially paid for it.
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Shay Marie

From TMZ

More bad news for unemployed NFLer Terrell Owens … TMZ has learned the former football star took a major hit on his Georgia condo … selling it off for nearly HALF of what he paid for it.

T.O. — whose finances have taken a turn for the worse as of late — has been dumping his real-estate collection right and left (both his Miami and Dallas condos were already sold) … and now he finally unloaded his 1,060-square-foot Atlanta crib.

The deal wasn’t so great for T.O. — he purchased the pad back in 2005 for $324,600 and then listed it in 2011, where it sat on the market for over a year. He finally unloaded it earlier this month for a mere $180k.