After only leaving the Twitter world for just a few days due to Twitter beef, he’s reactivated his account & is officially back. (I see y’all jumping for joy) ..But is he actually running his own Twitter or is it his management? His bio has changed and sounds – not like Chris, lol. Funny part, as of 10 AM, when you go on his page, you can still view the beef between him and Jenny Johnson (even though he had previously deleted these). Tsk tsk tsk, Twitter’s not trying to let Chris live!! Check out what his bio says in the gallery and you let us know if you think it’s really him back on or if it’s now actually management running it!

Biz Baby

IFWT: Is Chris Brown running his page?
There is NO way management will allow him after the crazy things he tweeted
Yeah it will definitely still be him tweeting, he would not let someone take over it
Rihanna is running it

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