Jovan and girlfriend

The Chiefs finally got another win yesterday (bringing the team to 2-10) just 24 hours after Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend then went to the stadium and shot & killed himself.  The players left a ‘tribute’ at Jovan’s locker.  They left his red No. 59 jersey hanging up along with his helmet, white pants and cleats.

Many are angry saying that he shouldn’t memorialized because he committed a murder and left a baby without his parents.  Understandably people are upset, but is there an exception because this was still a teammate & friend?

Check out the picture and weigh in.  What do you think?!


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Even the players themselves were not sure what to make of the display.

“I don’t know if it’s a shrine, or whatever you want to put it. It’s a tribute,”offensive tackle Eric Winston said. “He was a player on this team. We’re all struggling to reconcile the conflicting emotions we have about a family member, a teammate and the tragic events that took place yesterday. It’s hard.”

Belcher was not honored publicly on Sunday, but a moment of silence was held in honor of victims of domestic violence.


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