Mark Sanchez cover pic

If you’re a football fan and watch ESPN’s highlights, you already know about Mark Sanchez’s ‘Butt Fumble’ from last week.  It was so bad that you just had to laugh and shake your head at it (Jets fan or not).  You know we got you in case you missed it (check the GIF after the jump).

Yes, the Jets are still in the hunt but like Fireman Ed, many fans are not happy with the team.   Check out what one Jets’ fan created…


*Photo of Fan’s creation above in gallery*
“It’s embarrassing,” Sanchez said (via the New York Daily News). “You screw up the play [and] I’m trying to do the right thing. It’s not like I’m trying to force something. I start to slide and I slide in the worst spot I possibly could: right into Brandon Moore.”

GIF of Snachez ‘Butt Fumble’: