Fabolous’ song “So NY” went hard for the Brooklyn rapper’s hometown, but it came at the expense of some others. Name checking people like Diddy and 50 Cent for being both hardly home and hardly repping, he seemed to go the hardest at Lil Wayne for his recent disparaging comments about the Big Apple. Not only did Fab sample some of the audio from Wayne’s interview with MTV where he “flat out” said he didn’t like New York, he also used the reference in a hook, stating multiple times, “I’m so NY, Weezy prolly don’t like me.” When asked about the track a while after it had been out, Wayne said he knew nothing of it because he hadn’t heard it. Obviously, though, he’d been notified just by being asked the question. So, did he then go out and hear the song and feel a way about past-collaborator, Fab? Find out in the gallery!

Marisa Mendez