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This is kinda a fun idea, although they should be careful because this could definitely backfire.  You know there are those people that are going to ask for a refund even if they did have fun (shame on you).

The Suns will be the first team in NBA history to guarantee fans will have fun at the game or they get their money back.  The game takes place this Thursday against the Mavs.  If your a Suns fan, would this guarantee make you cop tickets?!


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The idea of “Satisfaction Guarantee Night,” came out of a staff meeting following a 112-106 overtime loss Nov. 14 to the Chicago Bulls.

“After that game, I think we were all struck by the fact that so many people were leaving our building with a smile on their face,” said Jason Rowley, who took over as Suns president in late July. “Normally, when a team loses, fans are down. But not with us. And that was an eye-opening moment.”

“Just because our players don’t have huge name recognition doesn’t mean we’re not fun to watch and can’t compete. Sure, people relate to star power, but we believe in the team aspect and we’re marketing this team as a team instead of a group of individuals.”