As technology moves further into the future, we call on more house-hold items to get a new age update. Coffee pots, stoves, refrigerators.. almost every item has been updated and grouped with some high tech features. With a major push for energy consumption, 130 employees from Palo Alto, CA have devoted their hard work and ideas to develop Nest’s 2nd-gen learning thermostat. Hit the jump for video and pics…

Tat Wza

It’s multi-touch display shows current temperature, allowing you to side the dial cooler/warmer. During initial use of the Nest Learning Thermostat, it memorizes all your different schedules. On Sunday night you warm it up, but Monday morning leave for work? Nest will keep you warm until it senses no movement; within 30 mins the system will shut it self down. This could save a homeowner thousands throughout the year. As you continue through your busy week of in and out of the house, warm nights, cold mornings, Nest learns and programs a schedule perfected to your routine. When your away, use Nest’s mobile app which allows control from any smartphone.

NY Times