Multi-purpose office tools can be very productive. The all-in-one Scanner/Fax/Copier being the common item found in almost all offices. HP announced it would no longer work on PC machines, but it looks like they’ll be updating the machines they originally released years back. This all-in-one is sure to amaze; every office needs one !!! Hit the jump to see what crazy feature they’ve developed.

Tat Wza

HP, originally known for their tech-leading printers, have pumped the breaks on their PC manufacturing and transitioned back to their printers. This new all-in-one printer is not only a laser jet capable of high-res printing, scanning, faxing and copying. HP wireless direct, HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint are just a few features that set them apart from their competitors. Well the list grows today… HP Hotspot, a new milestone for the company, is now fully capable of getting any small business up and running instantly !!!