Sharp is well known for their jumbo sized televisions. Just recently releasing an 80-inch and 90-inch model, they clearly have mastered the technology. They have a specific type of technology that has a major impact on the amount of power the display draws. With everyone looking to go greener, this has shown very appealing to some big manufacturers. Hit the jump to see who’s teaming up…

Tat Wza

Qualcomm, a notable U.S. chipmaker, is very interested in Sharp’s indium-gallium-zinc oxide technology. [IGZO] Capable of drawing almost no power to operate the display, this technology could become the industry standard. If the FCC hears that Qualcomm and Sharp have developed the most advanced, power-saving displays, I doubt they’ll look elsewhere. Initially, Sharp Corp will receive $5 Billion yen [$61 million] to help develop the technology further. Work out its kinks and make it truly the best; once progress is noted Qualcomm will fork over another $5 Billion. Looks like China & Japan find all sorts of ways to get our money. Lets hope this technology takes off and brings some jobs back to the U.S. based Qualcomm.