Pioneering new endeavors is the american dream. Doing what no one has done before gets you popularity, no? Today’s market is a hard one to break into. You really need to have the ‘next’ big idea to stay in the ‘now’ and it looks like News Corp had the right idea, wrong vision. Hit the jump for the story

Tat Wza

iPad has brought success to many; opened doors and created much opportunity. Continuously growing in the e-reader community, it was only a matter of time before the iPad had its own digital newspaper. A company called News Corp created The Daily, which was to target a growing but limited potential group of readers. What was an initial $30 million dollar investment became a 100 staffer commitment and a yearly over-head of $26 million. Clearly a loss from all ends, without a community of readers backing the publication; which they didn’t.

Although the first, definitely not the last. The Daily has paved the way for many to come in the future.