There are many studies conducted to gauge how data-crazy we truly are becoming as a society. Just this year we saw an 85% increase in users connecting through mobile apps and an 82% increase on mobile web browsers. The decline of about 4% referring to PC-based internet users comes as no shock. Mobile devices are with us almost everywhere…. Yes… EVERYWHERE !! Hit the jump for these mind blowing statistics.

Tat Wza

Nearly a third [32%] of the heaviest adopters of social networks, from ages 18 to 24, connect with sites such as Twitter & Facebook while in the bathroom. NM Incite, a company who researches these statistics, also reported that time spent on social networks increased 37% over the last 12 months. With how connected/dependent that 18-24 age group has become, it really isn’t too shocking. The stats regarding the older age groups just goes to show how social networking has found a way into everyones lives; with no perimeters of segregation. A quarter [28%] of those ages 25-34 and 15% ages 35-44 are all guilty of bathroom-browsing, with more than half [51%] say they’re connected at the office.