On Monday Nora Weiss thought she was doing a regular food shopping when she purchased a bag of Sunview Organic Table Grapes from a Whole Foods store in Fairfield, Conn. But when she went to take the grapes out of the bag to wash them she realized there was a black widow spider inside the bag! (Those of you who aren’t aware of black widow spiders, they are considered the most venomous spiders in North America.) But Weiss said she doesn’t care if this happened, she will continue to buy organic food. I mean, a black widow is pretty scary to find in a bag of grapes.. But I think I would prefer a spider once in a blue than all the preservatives and cloned products all the time..For the rest of the story click below.


When Whole Foods was told about the incident they issued a statement saying “the claim could be true since no pesticides are used on organic produce. The store also offered Weiss a refund or replacement.”

What do you think about this situation ? Would you continue to buy organic food?

NBC Florida