Wizards Heat cover pic

Well here’s something you didn’t think you’d hear.  The 1-13 Wizards beat the Miami Heat.  Huh?!  Yep. The Wizards got their second win of the season by beating the Heat 105-101.  Heat owner Micky Arison only had one word to tweet after the game…and then said his Twitter was hacked.  At least this guy has a sense of humor about the loss.

Check out LeBron’s reaction and Micky’s tweet after the jump…


*Micky’s tweets above in gallery*

LeBron on loss to Wizards:

His feet soaking in a tub of ice, his eyes scanning a box score, LeBron James chuckled a bit at the notion that his Miami Heat might learn something from a surprising setback against the Washington Wizards.

“Nah, man, there’s no lesson. This ain’t a lesson for us. We just lost,” James explained. “We’ve seen and been through everything, so we don’t need a loss to be like, ‘Oh, let’s catch ourselves.’ It happens.”


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