LeBron RG3

I mean if RG3’s fumble can turn into a touchdown (seriously, how did that happen? smh lol), maybe he was the one that brought the Wizards luck last night against the Heat?!  The Wizards got their second win of the season last night against the Heat as RG3 was courtside with his fiance Rebecca Liddicoat.

Check out a few of the pics from the game and what LeBron (an avid Cowboys fan) had to say about RG3 after the jump…


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As Washington’s Emeka Okafor stepped to the foul line a little less than 4 minutes into the game, the arena rumbled with some of the loudest, most enthusiastic cheers of the evening. For Okafor? Hardly.

No, the buzz was because fans realized that Griffin was in the house, making his way to a front-row seat. Afterward, James was asked whether RG3’s vow to transform the basketball star into a Redskins fan could succeed. “No. But I’m a fan of his, though. He’s an unbelievable talent. I like to watch him play,” James said.