Earlier this week, a video surfaced of an unaired show that was supposed to be on MTV called Bustas. The show, hosted by West coast legend Kurupt, focused on rappers that were trying to get a deal and put them through various challenges. Apparently it never made it to the airwaves, but somehow TMZ got their hands on a rather damaging clip featuring one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Tyga. Filmed before he’d go on to achieve commercial success with 2008’s “Lime In The Coconut,” the California rapper bragged about his easy upbringing in the Valley and the Range Rovers his parents drove. That’d be cool and all, as street cred is no longer a major thing in the rap game (Kanye for example), but the issue lies in how contradictory this is to Tyga’s claims of growing up in the hood: the notorious city of Compton. So which is it, T-Raw? Are you from the Valley or are you from Compton? He took to his Instagram late last night to make a statement about it. See what he said in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez