The very popular, Spotify, is a great source for streaming music over the internet. Sync capabilities with Facebook make listening and sharing an absolutely breeze. They’ve done a great job of adjusting with their market. As their users called on them to deliver more, they did. Update and a new UI helped clean up the app from its old functionality and appearance. They’ve added a great new feature that helps you find new music and track down new artists to broaden your listening horizon.

Tat Wza


Your iPod is filled… to the point where you need to remove songs just to fit the new downloads on. I hear ya… most of us do. And it gets boring listening to those same songs over and over and… You get the point. Spotify has added a new Music Discovery feature. Not only does Spotify recommend an artist to you based on what you may be listening to, but it gives you a deeper explanation as to why that song or artist or even genre was chosen. As you like and dislike songs, Pandora alters their stations all too much, and other internet radio options are way too repetitive. I’ve been using Spotify for quite some time now and am definitely looking forward to this new feature, being a music head myself, I’m always looking for new tracks and artists to check out !