50 Cent will make his promoting debut with his fighter Yuriorkis Gamboa (who will be fighting Michael Farenas) on the undercard of the 4th Manny Pacquiao/Juan Manuel Marquez fight this Saturday night.  50 spoke with BoxingScene.com recently and talked about Gamboa’s beef with Mayweather.  Check out what he had to say:


According to Rick Reeno at Boxing Scene:

During a recent war of words on Twitter, 50 Cent warned Mayweather that Gamboa was very angry with him and wanted to settle their dispute in the ring.

Gamboa was one of the fighters that 50 Cent signed to TMT Promotions. In order to get that done, 50 Cent purchased Gamboa’s contract, from Top Rank, for $1.2 million dollars.

“He’s upset with Floyd’s choice not to invest [in the promotional venture] after helping him into this actual situation. The initial conversations were between Floyd and Gamboa. I came at the tail-end, when Floyd was actually going to jail. Because with Floyd going to jail, who was going to provide the finances to actually make the release [from Top Rank]? I actually took care of it while he was gone and it turned into something between me and Gamboa. And then he calls and doesn’t want the cutman to work with [Gamboa]. He doesn’t want Rafael [Garcia] to work with him,” 50 Cent said.