LOL!!! I can honestly say that I saw this coming, but I did not expect it so SOON. Katt Williams truly is a funny guy. According to TMZ, Katt is no longer retired. He’s in the game and plans on sticking it out with the rest of the tour. Katt’s PR people are good at what they do because, they’re saying that Katt only reacted the way he did in Seattle, because he felt disrespected. Give me a got damn break. Was he in Seattle when he “ALLEGEDLY” pulled a gun out on Fazion Love? How did the TARGET employee disrespect you Mr. Williams, PLEASE TELL ME. You can’t go around doing S* like that and think it’s cool. Someone is going to smack your lil ass back one of these days. Any way, drop down bottom to see what else Katt’s people had to say.

JaaiR (JR)