RG3 really is a beast.  He’s brought life back to the DMV area.  My sister lives in DC (shout out to Natasha & Mike) and people are losing their minds over this kid!  Robert Griffin III can now add something else to his list of accomplishments as a rookie, yesterday an official collected his jersey and cleats for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So why are his things going to the HOF and what does RG3 think about it?  Check out the report by the Associate Press:


According to ESPN Via the AP:

Griffin has led the Redskins (6-6) on a three-game winning streak that has Washington and closing in on first place in the NFC East heading into Sunday’s matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. He broke Cam Newton’s NFL single-season rushing record for yards rushing by a rookie quarterback during Monday night’s 17-16 win over the New York Giants, thus prompting the Hall to request his cleats and dirt-stained No. 10 jersey.

“Everyone wants to be in the Hall of Fame,” Griffin said, “so we’re in there. But I’ve got a long career, preferably, and this is only the first step. It’s an honor to have my jersey and cleats, although they’re very dirty, in the Hall of Fame.”

Such attention can be overwhelming for most 22-year-olds, but Griffin can handle it.

“It’s humbling to have the fans, whether it’s football fans, basketball fans, chanting or cheering for you,” Griffin said. “It means you’re really doing something for the city.”