The Washington Wizards are a joke and all basketball fans know that. But seems this particular Wizards fan is so fed up, he wants YOU to experience the pain of watching them in person.

This fan placed an ad on Craigslist, literally offering to pay someone $10 for 2 tickets to the Wizards game this Saturday December 8th. The ad does not appear to be a joke. He is tired of the mental stress that comes with going to a game, including the stress of watching the Wizards play, the traffic in the D.C. area, the stress of the cost of drinks and food at the game, and the stress of losing valuable time in your life watching the Wizards instead of doing something else. This fan went in lol. All he asks for in return is that you take a picture of yourself at the game in the first quarter and at the end of the game. He also wants you to actually wear some Wizards gear, and he wants you to write a paragraph about your experience…seriously! As long as you do that, he will then pay you the $10, and you still got the free tickets. Check the picture of the actual Craigslist ad above.