The details of Christopher Wallace’s autopsy report are now available, so if you ever wanted to know the exact cause of Biggie’s untimely 1997 death here it is. He sustained 4 gunshot wounds on the night, one would prove to be fatal while the other three deemed not life threatening. Big was shot through the back, through his forearm and once through his leg and scrotum. The fatal wound came from a shot that entered through his hip before cutting through his liver, colon, heart and the upper part of the lungs eventually lodging itself in his arm. Hit the jump for more.

notorious autopsy
The coroner listed Biggie as “morbidly obese” which really isn’t much of a surprise but the fact that there were no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death might surprise some. According to the toxicology report, there was nothing of that in the rappers system that would impaired his thinking that fateful night. All four bullets went through the door of the Suburban he was riding in, two bullets were found on the gurney that carted him into the hospital and one bullet was found upon flipping Wallace after he was pronounced dead. Rest in Paradise Big, you will never be forgotten