To me this is a horrible idea!!!! But with the league focusing heavily on player safety and worried about lasting effects of concussions, this may happen sooner than later!

This week NFL commissioner Roger Goddell mentioned the idea of doing away with kickoffs and replacing them instead with a 4th & 15 play. Teams that score a touchdown, instead of kicking off afterwards, they would get the ball at their own 30 yard line and have one play to get 15 yards or choose to punt. If they attempt to play for the first down and do not get it, the other team would get the ball right there and only have to go 30 yards for a score. I understand the concern for player safety but this is downright retarded. Not only would many players be out of jobs, because any NFL fan knows a lot of players make teams because of their play on kickoffs and special teams, but the impact on the game from an entertaining standpoint would be huge. A kickoff and the occasional kickoff return for a touchdown is one of the most entertaining and exciting parts of football. Coaches expect this idea to gain momentum in the offseason.