panhandling Jeffrey Hillman Gets Boots in Viral Photo
Jeffrey Hillman a New York City panhandler was given a pair of boots by a police officer in a Photo that went viral. The boots, that at first seemed like a blessing, and which Hillman says he still has are now becoming a problem for Hillman who says he hides them to keep them from being taken or stolen from him. He still goes out and panhandles though we also found out that Hillman was not homeless and he has been known to turn down help in the past. The former Veteran says he loves his life but that he is more important than a pair of boots and he’s not going to let his blessing be a curse. Check the gallery for the pics.

The police officer who bought the boots for Mr. Hillman, Larry DePrimo has also become somewhat famous after the photo went viral but with the good so to comes the bad, and I understand if Mr. Hillman is afraid to wear the boots. Hillman maintains that he still has the boots and he has expressed gratitude for the random act of kindness shown by DePrimo that night. We need more people like DePrimo and to put an end to this Stop and Frisk Policy.