White House Officials, as well as higher ups in the Justice Department have been meeting and discussing regularly the approach they are going to take to the legalization of Marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington who both also voted to keep President Obama in the White House. It will be interesting to see how they attack the issue as federal officials push to sue the states that have legalized marijuana though it is still illegal under the Federal Controlled Substance Act. Hit the Jump for more.

Obama and his team are trying to come up with a plan to shut down the States ability to legalize drugs on their own. They better be careful though, it seems the majority in these states truly do want the plant to be legalized and they were an integral reason for the reelection of President Obama. Our President is too smooth I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to make sure he comes out smelling good on this one, and besides anybody that smokes is probably going to forgive and forget anyways. For now just remember if your in a Weed State it’s only acceptable by the State government and not the Federal Government who will still haunt you down if they feel it’s necessary.

New York Times