This is not okay!!! “Gangnam Style” singer Psy hit the jackpot for his most-viewed video, and reached instant celebrity status while doing so. But it has recently been found that Psy has an anti-American past, where he would attend anti-American rallies and protests where he would vocalize his strong hatred towards Americans. He even wrote lyrics in the past saying he wants to KILL Americans!!! He wrote an apology for his past behaviors, but is that enough?! Hit the jump for the story.

Melissa Nash

Videos have surfaced of Psy singing at anti-US rallies in 2002 and 2004 where he would protest Americans and vocalize his hatred towards us (for political reasons). He even wrote a song with these lyrics “Kill those f*cking Yankees…”
Once news surfaced of his anti-American past, he wrote an apology, but is it enough? Click here for his apology and let us know what you think!