Craig Allen Loughrey, a 7 year old boy was shot and died at a Pennsylvania gun store when his father tried to put the gun in the center console of his car. Joseph V. Loughrey picked up the gun he believed to be empty and effectively killed his son though the incident is being investigated as an accident. Hit the jump for more.

Joseph Loughrey was trying to sell two guns one rifle and a handgun but the gun store he went to told him that they didn’t buy guns. While Joseph was getting back into the car and attempting to stow weapons, the handgun discharged killing Craig Loughrey on the scene. Mr. Loughrey maintains that he had no idea the weapon had one in the chamber. This kind of accident happens all too often with firearms. Loughrey may face charges of negligence, and manslaughter though I’m not sure how that could make him feel any worse. A coworker of Loughrey said, “I know that little kid was everything to him.”

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