Everyone knows about Dwight Howard’s free throw woes.  His free throw percentage is at a lowly 46.9% and many teams of course picked up on it and gone with the “Hack-a-Howard” route choosing to foul and send him to the line rather than allow an easy dunk or layup.  Because of this issue  he’s been offered advice and it has been talked about endlessly; he’s finally tired.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Toward the end of shootaround Friday, Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash approached Dwight Howard and offered up a couple of tips on how to shoot free throws.

Though Howard is shooting just 46.9 percent from the foul line this season, while Nash is tied with Mark Price for the best free throw percentage in NBA history at 90.4 percent, the Lakers center said he’s had enough of people giving him advice.

“Listen, he was just suggesting some things, but it’s not something that we’ve already talked about or anybody else has suggested,” Howard said. “My mind cannot get clouded with everybody telling me how to shoot a free throw. I just have to go up there and shoot it my way and not get caught up in what everybody else is saying, because that’s when I miss.”