A New York Nanny had to look for new employment after the family she was working for asked her to do one thing that was just too much for her to take. The mother of the family, a well to do financier was having trouble having kids, they offered the nanny $30,000 to use her eggs to make a baby, but they also expected her to stay on and basically raise a child that was in some respects her own. Hit the jump for more.

The nanny who goes by an alias due to a nondisclosure agreement between herself and the family made $100,000 dollars, she’s doing well for someone who’s job is to care for children, though New York nannies have been able to bring home a reported $180,000 dollars in one case that isn’t true for all nannies who on average bring home about $11 and hour. Still the $30,000 wasn’t enough for this nannny who seemed disturbed by the notion of raising her own kid as someone elses. “They often act as if they own you,” she told reporters in response to the peculiar request.

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