As if the two quarterback system wasn’t failing miserably enough, the Jets are considering having all three quarterbacks activated.  Tim Tebow is recovering from two broken ribs and has practiced quite a bit in preparation for his homecoming as the Jets are set to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars tomorrow afternoon.  If Tebow is cleared coach Rex Ryan says he, Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy will be activated.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Doctors will determine if Tebow will play and if he is it will be the first time all three quarterbacks are activated this season. McElroy earned his chance to be activated after taking over for a benched Sanchez against Arizona last Sunday and leading New York to the only touchdown of the game in a 7-6 victory.  Despite that display Ryan announced Sanchez as his starting quarterback for the following game.

Tebow is a unique case because of the multiple roles he fills for the Jets, running their wildcat-style read-option packages and also playing on special teams as the personal punt protector. But, Ryan caught himself during his news conference Friday giving away that the Jets didn’t have any wildcat periods in practice this week. He also ruled out Tebow performing as a punt protector so if activated his role is expected to be very limited.