It was reported yesterday that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had to turn his guns in following a domestic case involving his girlfriend.  Today details came out about the case and it’s not looking good for Suggs at all.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie 

According to Suggs longtime girlfriend Candace Williams she claims in a protective order filed last month that the Ravens’ Pro Bowl outside linebacker punched her in the neck and drove a car containing their two children at a “high rate of speed” while she was being dragged alongside.  In the temporary protective order Williams is requesting that Suggs not abuse, threaten, harass or contact her.

Under the protective order, Williams was granted exclusive use of a 2008 Hummer and Suggs was ordered to pay emergency family maintenance in the amount of $40,000 per month, starting Nov. 20, at the office of her lawyer, Charles E. Brooks.

Suggs released a statement through his publicist saying:

“My fiance and I have two beautiful children together whom we both love and care for tremendously. The personal issues that the two of us have faced recently have been addressed in a responsible and adult manner and have been resolved. I am certain that we will get through this matter and move forward as a happy family.”

This however isn’t the first violent incident involving the two as his girlfriend previously alleged that Suggs “held me down on the floor and poured bleach on me and our son and kicked my face and broke my nose. Throughout our relationship since early 2007, he has punched me in the face and stomach and threatened to take the children from me if I left him. He stole my ID so I could not leave.”  Like this case she was granted a temporary protective order which was later dropped.

The whole situation seems extremely toxic to me.  Hopefully they are able to work it out or at least respectfully separate for the sake of their children.

Baltimore Sun