In the fourth fight between the two boxers Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao went in for a thrilling match with a crazy ending!  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Round 1 was close but went to Pacquiao as he was the aggressor pushing the pace of the fight and landing twice.  Round 2 was closer but again went to Pac as he continued to attack landing punches to Marquez’s body while Marquez landed a couple to Pacman’s chin.

Round 3 is when things took a turn as Marquez knocked down Pacman with a roundhouse right.  Round 4 went back to Pacquiao as he threw more punches quickly recovering from the knockdown.  Round 5 Pacquiao drops Marquez with hard left.  Pacquiao showed even more force using lethal combos and landing several shots to the face and body of Marquez as he backed him into the ropes.  Round 6 Pacquiao again seemed to have the upperhand but got caught with a crazy right hand straight to the face knocking him clean out.  Pacquiao laid on the ground for what seemed like an eternity, not moving.  He finally got up as Marquez held the belt over his head.  Marquez improves to 55-6-1 with the 40th knockout of his career.

This fight surprised many as people thought it would be uneventful seeing as how the two fought three times already.  It was not only interesting but the unthinkable happened with a Pacquiao KO.  Questions now loom if the two will fight for a fifth time.  Another question remains how will this affect the longly anticipated fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  The KO greatly kills Pacman as Floyd already looked at Pacquiao as beneath him.  There’s other contributing factors but that’ll take another article.  Just look out for it.