It was evident that Apple was not happy with anything having to do with their in-house ‘Maps’ app. Firing the lead manager who oversaw the project, and fielding thousands upon thousands of complaints. The image above is just an example of the amateur software build Apple released to the masses. Rarely do they miss the boat with their ground breaking new ways to do old things, but it looks like Apple Maps was a failure from the start. Jump to see what mega problem Apple has caused internationally…

Tat Wza


Mildura is a city in Australia, in the vicinity [70km] of Murray Sunset National Park. Police have been called to assist distressed motorists who are going astray in the National Park. Police were very confused as to why; the culprit: Apple Maps. When motorists typed in addresses in Mildura, Apple Maps would navigate them into the middle of Murray Sunset Nat. Park leaving some without food or water for over 24hrs. The park is miles from any food or water and temperatures often reach 50 degrees celcius. Also causing some motorists to navigate through rugged un-safe terrain to try and get cell reception.

Victoria Police