This can’t be good for the Cowboys.  I’m pretty sure no one should be going at Jerry Jones if you’re on his team.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones & Jay Ratliff engaged in what’s being called a “volcanic” exchange and the two had to be separated.


According to CBSNews:

Due to groin, ankle and foot problems, former Pro Bowl nose tackle Jay Ratliff hasn’t played for the Dallas Cowboys since Nov. 18 vs. Cleveland. He missed his seventh game of the year when the Cowboys kicked off Sunday at Cincinnati.

But he was “active”‘ in a sense last Sunday after Dallas beat the Eagles, Ratliff engaging in what sources call a “volcanic”‘ and jaw-to-jaw exchange with none other than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, reports.

“They’re both passionate men and great men and they want to win, that’s all it is,” one source said. “But they were in each other’s faces. People had to intervene.”