“Seeds Of Hip Hop” is a new reality show that is coming to your TV in the near future. The show includes legendary hip hop artist’s from Run DMC and N.W.A’s sons, all in their 20s. The storyline of the show involves their struggle to find their individuality in a world where everyone knows them for their Fathers. Hit the jump to find out a little background on each seed and to also find out which channel it will air on.


Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young, E’40’s son Droop-E, Eazy E’s son, Eric Lynn Wright Jr., Mc Ren’s son Anthony Dunbar, and Jam Master Jay’s son Jason Mizell will all be on the show. They are all in their 20s.
Producer’s are still looking for a home, but they’re thinking it’s either going to be on BET, Fuse, Vh1, or TV-One.
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Will you watch?!