Last week an unreleased video leaked of Tyga on a MTV show called Bustas. Well, the show never aired, but the footage was still obtained by TMZ. Now, Tyga is backing out from what he had previously claimed about living an extra comfy lifestyle. Tyga had claimed he was living in the valley with money and a Range Rover. Which of course, nothing is wrong with that – but when you claim you’re from Compton ..but a video of you is exposed that you claim you’re from the valley, what do we believe? And if he is changing his story, could this be damaging to his career? Find out more details on the mix up below..

Biz Baby

BUT T-Raww which is it?! It’s both. TMZ reports Tyga lied, he lived in the valley – but it was only for a short time of his life. And that short time also happened to be.. the same time the show was being filmed.

The valley and the good life… was all just temporary. But he isn’t embarrassed by the clip at all (which is a good thing) cause he claims.. “he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits.”

Young Money stands behind him completely cause now Tyga is apart of the fam. Well, that’s dope.