How does this happen?!  Chris Bosh missed 3 dunks in 15 seconds!  I wonder if that’s some sort of record?  Check out the video of the missed dunks against the Hornets and what Bosh & LeBron had to say about it…


According to The Sun-Sentinel:

So how do you botch three dunks in a 15-second span? After the fact, even Chris Bosh isn’t quite sure.

To Bosh’s credit, he was able to laugh off the above sequence in Saturday night’s victory over the visiting New Orleans Hornets, saying he “lost count” of the errors of his ways.

Teammates, of course, had a good chuckle.

“I’ve never been in that situation before, where I’ve missed three or four dunks, straight,” LeBron James said. “He’ll be all right, though. He’s got to figure that out on Monday. It doesn’t happen a lot.”

“We told him he left his legs at the ‘Art of Basketball,’ at Art Basel last night, the little event he had last night with D-Wade,” James said. “He left them there and they painted those on the wall. So he’ll go pick ’em back up and he’ll have them back for Monday, hopefully.”