The Chromebook has done a great job in the computer market. Being a low cost unit, with mid to high range capabilities it’s perfect for the average researcher or browser/e-mail user. Google has done great research to see the educational effect of the Chromebooks being in classrooms. Over 1,000 schools have adopted them already, with many already on the list. Google is working with which is an online charity that connects donors directly to public school needs. This holiday season teachers can request the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which is one of the most widely deployed models in schools, for $150-credit off the retail price of the unit. This would bring the end cost to only $99 per laptop. Very simple to sign your school up! Hit the jump for links with instructions on how to get Chromebooks to your classroom!

Tat Wza

The Chromebook calls for almost no maintenence making it the ideal product for an educational setting. Often times it cost a large amount of budget dollars to have IT on site for the fixing of computers. Less problems, less costs! Hit the links below for furthur info…

To Get Chromebooks In Your School: Click HERE !!!

HERE is a list of Chromebook Projects already committed!

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