I am happy to report Android has released one of the coolest radio apps around. We all love the traditional Grand Theft Auto video game. Driving around jacking people, pulling ’em outa cars and taking their ride. While you drove around the radio would play. You could cycle through stations and after playing the game a decent amount, you knew every word to every song. Well those songs are about to get all to familiar. Hit the jump for details…

Tat Wza


A developer by the name of Keshav Verma has released Grand Theft Auto Radio live to the Google Play store. For FREE stream all your favorite classics that use to play while you drove around town running missions. We’re talking every station from Grand Theft Auto. GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV.

Dev has stated some stations from GTA IV are missing but they will be progressively working to get stations added ASAP. Nice knowing the developer cares!