Can’t be mad at LeBron sticking up for his teammate and friend Dwyane Wade.  After last night’s win against the Hawks, Dwyane Wade silenced critics by the way he played (11 for 13, the best single-game shooting percentage of his career).  Some have been saying that Wade is getting older and declining.  Charles Barkley is one of those critics.  LeBron didn’t like Barkley’s comments and addressed it last night after the game.



Wade is now 20 for 25 in his last two games from the floor, scoring 26 points in each, and maybe it’s not a coincidence that those outings came after NBA analyst Charles Barkley — Wade’s one-time cell phone commercial co-star — said what he’s been saying many times in the past couple years: The 2006 NBA Finals MVP’s game is declining.

“It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up,” James said. “I mean, the man’s shooting 80 percent from the floor in the last couple games. Come on, man. That’s like crazy, right? That’s why who he is.”


Lead Photo Via BW