An eyewitness, Stacee McWilliams, wants people to know that Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is not a hero.  Reports said that after Josh flipped his car and it caught on fire he was trying to help his teammate Jerry Brown out of the car to safety.  McWilliams has a different spin on the story.

I don’t know what to think of this eyewitness account.  I’m sure she’s telling the truth, but at the same time I think Josh Brent was in shock and didn’t know what to do.  Not everyone responds to situations the same.  The two were reportedly like brothers, so I can’t see him doing this on purpose.


According to PFT:

In a four-minute video interview, McWilliams described driving up on the scene of the accident shortly after the incident took place. She described the situation saying Brent had already exited the mangled vehicle and was walking around while Brown remained in the vehicle. Another person had stopped at the scene and already dialed 911.

McWilliams arrived seeing Brent in the street and didn’t realize there was another passenger still in the car. McWilliams then described hearing Brown call out from the vehicle for help with Brent allegedly unwilling to tend to his friend and teammate.

“Josh looked at me and he said ‘(Brown) won’t get out of the car,’” McWilliams said. “And I said ‘well you can’t just leave him in there and let him die, you’ve got to help him. Go get him.’ I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me again and he said ‘he won’t get out of the car’ and I told him ‘you can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out.’ He still didn’t move so I thought he wasn’t going to help at all.”

McWilliams said as she returned to her car to retrieve her cell phone, Brent finally did tend to Brown and pulled him from the burning wreckage.