It only took months for this to happen. SMH. I’ve been complaining about this ever since Tebow got signed to the Jets!  ESPN was covering Tim Tebow ALL the time.  Well it looks like ESPN has changed their minds on the coverage (I’m doing cartwheels and backflips! Lol).


According to John Ourand, SportsBusiness Daily at ASN:

ESPN is devoting less coverage to Jets quarterback Tim Tebow because ESPN President John Skipper told producers to dial it back.

In an interview last week at his New York office, Skipper said, “I said, ‘Guys, we didn’t handle this very well.’ Going to training camp wasn’t a problem. We just stayed on it relentlessly and too long.”

When ESPN even mentioned Tebow, ratings would increase immediately. That caused producers to try to work Tebow stories into their shows to push ratings higher. But Skipper said he recently told ESPN producers not to be seduced by the short-term ratings fix that mentioning Tebow produced.

“We’ve had some good discussions internally about trying to be careful. In some ways, the more difficult internal conflict is between long-term story telling and ratings. We all know that if you focus on the Tebow story, for the next 10 minutes you’re going to do better. But the question is trying to take a long-term perspective and saying, ‘Guys, let’s not get over excited about one story and hyping it.’ “