Ever since she was acquitted earlier this year on the highly publicized case of her daughter’s murder, Casey Anthony has been in hiding. MANY strongly believe she was to blame in the tragic killing, so it wouldn’t be in her best interest to just be freely out in public all the time. However, she was spotted out Friday night in Florida for the first time in a long time. More details below, photo in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez

According to Radar Online, Casey had dinner at Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill in Lake Worth, Fl. in Palm Beach County on Friday night around 7pm. An eyewitness there sent them the photo in the gallery

“No one wants to be associated with Casey, it’s just such bad publicity,” the source revealed. “She was really quiet and not that many people were noticing it was her.”

She was with two men, one who has been identified as Pat McKenna, a West Palm Beach private detective who worked with Casey’s defense team. He paid the bill, and also has reportedly been housing her for the past few months. Interesting!