Despite the fact that the National Transportation Safety Board reported Mexican-America singer Jenni Rivera passed in a tragic plane crash on Sunday, her family is still clinging to hope that she is out there somewhere. “In our eyes, we still have faith that my sister will be OK. We have no confirmation of her body being recovered, dead or alive,” one of her four brothers, Juan Rivera, told reporters. More on what they’re saying below. So truly sad.

Marisa Mendez

“My sister is still ALIVE! Until I have her body in my hands I will keep saying she LIVES. NOTHING has been CONFIRMED YET,” Juan wrote on Twitter. [This is the English translation.

“My mama is alive,” her youngest son Johnny tweeted. “I may have posted a photo. I lost hope but I got it back. She is not dead.”

Another one of her brothers feels the same way. “We still have hope that she’s alive,” Pedro Rivera Jr. told the Press-Telegram. “It’s a 95 percent chance that she’s dead, but we have that belief because we don’t have a body. They found clothes. They found shoes, but they didn’t find any DNA.”

They are all planning to travel to Mexico on today to see the scene of the accident themselves.