You go girl! It really is motivating to hear about a little girl that can lose that much weight. And of course, she did it the all natural way. This story is as motivating as our very own @MarisaMendez‘s story (check her weight loss out here). Her mother enrolled her in swimming classes, the family as a whole would do 4-5 mile runs, an hour and a 15 on the treadmill EVERY DAY (25 of those minutes would be straight running), and less than 20 grams of fat/low sugar diet. In kindergarten, she was already 100 pounds. Now in 5th grade – she went from almost 200 pounds, 189 to be exact, down to 123 pounds. Kids in school would bully her, but she’s made a huge change for herself, her self esteem and her health! Amazing! Hopefully her story can inspire people all around the world, no matter what age. And big ups to her parents that pushed her and gave her that tough love! Check out the full story after the jump!

Biz Baby